5 invoicing Mistakes you must avoid as you start your freelance business

You can be brilliant as a freelancer and yet leave a bad impression on your client if your invoices are not well-written or managed properly.

A clear and neatly organized invoice not only makes it easy to process your payment but also makes you appear like a true professional.

Sadly, most individuals only learn about these facts at the advanced stage of their freelancing career.

In this article, I will walk you through a list of the 5 most frequent errors in invoice writing, and also guide you in preventing them.

The 5 invoicing mistakes you must not make as a freelancer

1. Inconsistent timing

As a freelancer, it's almost inevitable that you will find it difficult to maintain a regular day and time for sending invoices to clients.

That in turn, creates a problem whereby the paying parties are unable to track the due dates of an expected invoice. Therefore, it becomes impossible for them to plan before your invoice comes knocking on their mailbox.

Ordinarily, overcoming such irregularity would be an uphill task and might even lead to unnecessary distractions.

Hence, I will recommend you try using Weinvoice to circumvent the problem.

The billing feature would not only help you create outstanding invoices before their due dates, but also forward them to the clients automatically.

Your clients will also get to receive timely reminders to keep the payment deadline at the top of their minds.

2. Payment terms not clearly stated

Payment terms include the due date, the total amounts due, and also a written notice for an extra fee if there is a lateness in payment.

When writing these details out, ensure to use a generic tone of language that can be easily understood by anyone.

For example, avoid the tendency to use terms and jargon that belong to a specific field of knowledge.

Doing otherwise would result in unnecessary mix-ups that could further delay the payment process.

3. Billing inaccuracies in the invoice

Here again, you will need to exercise the highest level of diligence and care.

Check over and over again until you are certain that all projects are itemized correctly and there are no monetary discrepancies in the details.

As a freelancer, you might invest years building trust and rapport with your clients, and still end up losing the relationship for misquoting a few figures.

Precision makes all the difference.

4. Sending the invoice without a brand image

Unfortunately, this aspect of invoice writing is often overlooked.

Your clients or the payment processing personnel might be working with too many documents daily.

But with a brand logo, they will be able to recognize you straight away and attend to you swiftly as well.

However, ensure the logo is clear and has a compellingly distinct design that stands it out within a pile of documents.

Fortunately, Weinvoice has a feature that would allow you to upload your business logo in JPG and PNG formats.

5. Inserting hidden fees in the invoice

To prolong the working relationship you have with your clients, it is imperative that you guide against anything that would make you seem deceptive.

A slight increment of the original service charge may be interpreted as a dubious addition, devised to extort extra money.

In the end, the client may decide never to work with you again. This is why it's important to ensure negotiations are sufficiently well-discussed and the final agreements laid out before going ahead to do the given job.

Also, to avoid mistakes when typing the values, Weinvoice has a simple and customizable itemization feature that you can use.

With the ready-made sheet, it should be easy entering various the various elements according to their category.

Wrapping up…

In the freelance economy, invoicing is very critical as it can positively or negatively affect the business relationship between two parties. Hence, as a freelancer, you must ensure you always get it right.

Some other common mistakes are the possibilities of sending invoices to the wrong persons, not backing up paid and unpaid invoices, and the unnecessary error of not providing clients with multiple payment methods.

Have you made any of these invoicing writing mistakes in your freelance journey?

Kindly share the experience in the comment box below.

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