6 invoice writing tips for getting paid faster

As a freelancer, writing simple and professional invoices for your clients is one easy way to build trust, and also minimize the time you spend trying to get paid for your work.

Fortunately, the processes to writing a well-laid-out invoice are simple to follow. In most cases, using an invoice template makes the task a lot easier.

However, you must know what information to include and the best practices for avoiding disputes and late payments.

Hence, in the next few paragraphs, I would take you through the six-step process for writing a standard invoice

Top tips for writing simple invoices that get paid faster

1. Use a professional invoice layout

Your invoice should have a simple design comprising the brand logo, the business name, and the document title.

For example, if you use an invoice generator like Weinvoice , you can write your business name in large fonts and place it at the top, right or center side of the page.

However, it's better to use the default left alignment as it makes the business name more memorable for your clients.

Also, ensure to add the word "invoice" in the header or title so your clients would quickly know what the document is all about.

2. Add your company's information and the clients' details

Billing information such as your business contact number, email address, and business address should be written in small font size and placed under the business name.

That will make it easy for clients to contact you if they need additional clarification or even refer you to their business friends and partners for delivering an excellent job!

For your clients' information, ensure not to leave out details such as their business name, location, and mailing address.

3. Include the invoice ID, sending date, and the due date.

Besides the service charge, three other numerical details that must not go missing on your invoice are the invoice number, date, and expected payment date.

Aside from being useful for reference purposes, the invoice number helps to keep an organized record of paid and unpaid invoices.

The due date will serve as a subtle reminder notifying the client to pay according to the schedule.

The Weinvoice invoice generator will generate all the data automatically for you. Moreover, it is error-free.

4. The line items should be sufficiently detailed

Itemizing each price project in their proper narration gives your clients extra motivation to pay you on time.

Here again, you can use the Weinvoice itemization feature to your advantage as the simple design makes it possible to state each service’s description clearly, with the associated rate and quantity.

The line total would automatically calculate the final amount.

That would eliminate or limit the number of questions they are likely going to ask you afterward and just pay you right away.

5. Add up the total

After listing out the rendered services, sum up the total amount and write it on a separate line where it can be seen easily.

Preferably, use a boldly highlighted font for this purpose.

You can also help your clients further by including the associated tax or discount (if any). That way, you are saving them from the mathematical burden of computing the payable total.

6. Make the payment terms simple and provide multiple payment methods

You can add further clarity by restating essential parts of the agreements you had with the clients before doing the job.

In that regard, you can add the following information:

  • The due date for payment.
  • The penalty fee for paying late.
  • A pay-back guarantee if the job is rejected.
  • And, a list of at least 2-3 payment options such as Cash, bank transfer, or cryptocurrencies.


Writing a good invoice may seem to be a tedious process, but it doesn't have to be.

Infusing certain elements such as the company logo helps make your invoice look professional, and using a simple template makes the billing process less time-consuming.

If you do these and also follow the tips above, you will be able to earn your clients' admiration and respect in no time.

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