How to save time writing an invoice using the Weinvoice platform?

Eze Oguejiofor
4 min readMay 12, 2021

Except if you have adequate knowledge about accounting, writing a straightforward and simple invoice will be a tedious and time-consuming process for you.

You may struggle to decide what sections or elements are necessary to add to the invoice or what information to exclude.

However, using an invoice template will go a long way to ensure your invoice is complete with all the essential details your client needs to pay you in good time.

In addition to having an invoice template, you can simplify the processes even further by using the automation features of an invoicing software like Weinvoice.

In this how-to guide on invoice writing, I will show you how to use Weinvoice to increase accuracy while crafting professional invoices in quick time.

How to write an invoice effectively

1. Customize and make your invoice unique

For invoice’s theme, use the color that is the most prominent among the colors on your brand logo. After that, upload your brand’s image.

These graphical tweak will trigger a personalized response from your clients and also showcase you as a professional in what you do.

Also, if the default "blank invoice" layout doesn’t suit the purpose of the documents, you can change to other the options such as Web-developer template, Marketing template, and Travel-agency template, etc.

2. Include the necessary information of the services or project delivered

Another way to strengthen the clients' perception of your professionality is your diligence to supply the invoice data accurately.

Usually, it should be a straightforward process but it's also common to leave out some key aspects.

First, be sure to mention each service or task with a clear and concise description. For example, if it's a web design project, you can say "Web Design Project for XYZ website".

Then, in not more than 3 sentences, remind the client exactly what you did in those tasks.

A quick tip: your clients feel excited to pay you when they know what they are paying for.

To round it up, state the price and associated quantity of work delivered, not forgetting to sum up the final total. If tax deductions are not applicable, leave the field empty otherwise fill in the tax details.

Also, you can add some extra notes like a thank you message at the bottom.

3. Add the recipient contact information

This is one of the overlooked areas in invoice writing.

Your contact info as well as the client's address are important sections to include in the invoice.

These are the names, emails, addresses, and phone numbers.

If there is a business number, add it too.

Aside from other benefits, they give additional clarity to the invoice.

4. State the invoice due date

Weinvoice's in-built calendar will take care of this aspect in the invoice writing process.

You only have to click on the calendar icon next to "Due date" and select the agreed payment day, while the invoice date itself is automatically selected.

Weinvoice will handle all other additional information such as the invoice number.

5. Insert two or three payment methods

As an incentive to make clients pay faster, be sure to add two or more payment options in the invoice.

Payment methods such as cheque, cash, PayPal, etc., are the most common these days. It would help if you can provide all three.

Additionally, it's ideal to place the payment terms, taxes, and services discounts under this section.

6. Send the invoice

After completing the above steps, click the blue “Save” button to download the invoice in PDF format.

Now, you can forward the generated invoice to the client.


A professionally written invoice doesn't need to be infused with too many details It can be simple and yet complete with all the required information.

The tips I covered in this article are meant to guide you on how to craft invoices of such quality with the Weinvoice platform.

Kindly let me know in the comments box if you find them useful.

Also, feel free to share this guide amongst colleagues and friends.